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    Expressor 3.7.1 crashes when you have a Dataflow with multiple step and writes to a database

      Is it just me or are there others who have similar problems?


      I have a dataflow with two steps, both of which reads from an excel file and writes to database tables. I've checked that the first step is working fine before adding the second one. When I ran the dataflow, it said it completed successfully, but it didn't update the database table. When I tried to check the settings of the write table operator that I have, expressor crashed. Now everytime I open the project and click on that write table operator, expressor crashes.


      I tried several versions of the file and it works if I separated them into separate dataflows instead of separate steps. I wanted them to be in separate steps since I am populating the header and its detail table so I wanted to incorporate that dependency into one dataflow.


      I am using the free desktop version. Any help would be appreciated on what to do.