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    Users of Two domain access to QVS

    Emmanuelle Bustos

      Hello Community


      I have one case:

      Having two domains A and B, and the QVS is installed in a Doamin A.


      The users from Domain A can access without a problem, but the users in domain B cannot access, when they open the accesspoint they are prompted for credentials but can't be signed in (a Login Failed always is shown up).


      I have aded the users from Domain B into Users Group in Windows Server (QVS at Domain A) and even gave them permission over the Document's folder (qvw's) but the issue remains. I solved the issue adding all the Domain B uses to the Administrator Group in the Windows Server (QVS at Domain A), as we know this is not the best practice give such permission to all users, so i test removing them from Administrators Group and adding them to the Powers Users Group and this works too.


      My question is If this is the best practice or what should i do to improve this scenario?