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    Linking Multiple Tables to single Master Calendar

      Hi All


      I am after some help in regards to linking multiple tables to a single Master Calendar.


      My data model has a number of tables such as Employees, Clients, Enquiries, Visits all containing a number of different date fields.


      I have successfully linked the Master Calendar to the Visits and setting filters based on calendar dates any charts using the visit table calculate correctly, the difficult arises when I need to generate charts based on the Enquires the filtering and charts are not calculating correctly.


      I have enclosed a copy of the Table View for reference




      I have set the following filter:


      Calendar Year

      Calendar Month


      I need to find out how may new enquires have been raised in the given period but because my master calendar is not linked to the Enquiries table the charts are not working correctly.


      Can anyone help with a possible solution




        • Re: Linking Multiple Tables to single Master Calendar

          Hi martyn0578,


               Based on my understanding of your problem, the best approach would be to create an island calender table. Then you should link your queries to it. There are many examples in the the community in how to do this.


          For e.g. :


          Create a variable for your date fields:

          vYear - concat it to your Master Calender.


          Expression example:

          sum({$<SentDateYear={'$vYear'}>} Volume)


          Hope it helps!


          Best Regards,