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    Is it possible to conditionally colour the different parts of a clustered bar chart depending on what each of their field names are?



      I've started work on a report that shows the performance of a number of different contracts against their set values. Each contract has traditionally had a different colour, eg Contract A is green, contract B is orange, contract C is blue, etc. I've got a list box that controls which of these contracts is visible in my clustered bar chart - is it possible to set the colours for these bars depending on the contract that they represent?


      I've tried a bunch of different formulae already, including some pretty ill-advised adventues with ApplyMap, but to no avail. I could set the bars to static colours, so the contract appear correctly if they are all selected, but if you, for example, remove Contract A then B will take on the orange colour, which isn't want I want.


      Also - I wasn't sure what the correct name for what the bars represent was - field names? Series points?


      Thanks for any help