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    Input Box - Listed values

      Let's say we have a variable (ie., vTest) which is used in Input Box and I assign the static values as A;B under Listed Values. So now the user will have two options to select either A or B. I have also set Predefined Values Only and Predefined Values in Drop down so that user can not enter any new values.


      My question is how to perform calculated condition on a variable (vTest) so that if user selects A then I want to assign something like "Revenue" into that variable, B means something else. Basically for users to select on UI they see a set of values but when I assign to a variable in the background, I should be able to use some conditional formula and assign something else.


      Is this possible with only one variable? I know for the fact that we can have one more variable and trigger on the variable 1 to change the value to variable 2, but I would like to perform all in the same variable. Just don't want to create too many variables as my apps is huge.