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    Chart definition conditional

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to run a chart with external data from xlsx. Everything is working since now ok, the data is loaded correctly. I want to show/hide an expression on the chart when it's value is greater ol smaller than defined. I.e if 2+2 >=4 it should show value of summary else should show 0.

      I have inserted an is sstatement into expression definition field

      if (2+2 >> 4,2+2,0)

      but it always shows 2+2 value (4). I'm trying with cnstant values to better understand the if clause, but it doesn't make the difference.


      The goal is to make if clause for expression fields (data series) of the chart if(expression1+expression2+expression3 >> 7000, 0, 2000+expression1+expression2+expression3)


      How can this be completed?


      Best regards