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    Adding rows

      See attachment.  I want to take row 1 (Sales) and add to row 2 (Cost of Goods Sold) and get a new row 3 (Gross Profit)  How can this be accomplised.





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          m w

          Maybe in load script:

               Sales + [Cost of Goods Sold] as [Gross Profit],

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              Not sure that would work, the sale number and COGS number is made up of many rows.  For example, each row contains a field(Title) that assigns it a value of Sales or COGS, I only need the diffenrence between the 2 in the Pivot Table Chart.

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                  whiteline _

                  LOAD * INLINE [

                  FRXTitle, NewFRXTitle

                  Sales, Sales

                  Cost of Goods..., Cost of Goods...

                  Indirect COGS, Indirect COGS

                  SG&A, SG&A

                  Sales, Gross Profit

                  Cost of Goods...,Gross Profit



                  and use NewFRXTitle as a pivot dimension instead of FRXTitle.

                  In this case you will have sum of the first two rows as Gross Profit row.

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                      AMAZING!!!! TRULY AMAZING!!!   Thanks for your help, I don't even understand what you did, I need to learn more about LOAD * Inline, but it worked perfectly!!!!

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                          Can I ask one more favor.


                          Attached is what I have so far, I am getting the % of Sales column with this,

                          Sum(AccountBalance)/Sum({<NewFRXTitle={Sales}>}total <[CalendarYear]> AccountBalance)


                          and I am getting the previous year with this



                          Everything works great with that.  But I am trying to get the %of Sales for the Previous Year, and it does not work.

                          Sum qlik2.PNG({$<CalendarYear={$(=Max(CalendarYear)-1)}>} {<NewFRXTitle={Sales}>}TOTAL AccountBalance)


                            What am I doing wrong?



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                              whiteline _

                              What am I doing wrong?

                              You've used one solution and marked as right another solution.


                              As for expression, try correct the syntax of set analysis:

                              Sum ({$<CalendarYear={$(=Max(CalendarYear)-1)}, NewFRXTitle={Sales}>}TOTAL AccountBalance)

                              or you misstyped the expression ?