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    Clicking on document in Access Point renders blank white screen

      Hello Qlikview community.  I am new to owning operational support for our company's Qlikview environment and have an issue that I'd like some advice/guidance on.


      The problem we experience is that every couple weeks Qlikview hangs and documents in the Access Point render as blank white pages.  The Access Point is accessible and the Qlikview Server service is running.  The way we've resolved this is to restart the Qlikview Service service then things return to normal.  We are struggling with a way to detect this because we find out from users that the issue is occurring (not good from a customer service perspective).  We've set up a weekly restart of the Qlikview server service, but we still get the problem every couple weeks it seems.  We could do daily restarts, but is that seriously the fix?? We currently run version 10.00.8815.6 SR1 x64.  We haven't scaled out so currently all Qlikview component run on 1 server.  The box has 16 processors and 64GB of memory.  We can see memory drops to around 7GB free when the issue occurs, but it's been at 7GB before without issues.  We notice in the error log this message that seems to only occur when the issue is happening:

      “DOC loading: Document D:\ACCESSPOINT\INTERACTIVE DASHBOARD.QVW became obsolete while loading - retrying.”


      Any help you can provide on what you think we should do, check, monitor, etc. would be much appreciated.

      We've reached out to Qlikview support and have a case, but I wanted to reach out to the helpful folks in the community for any help advice.


      Thank you very much,

      Jason Gerrish

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          Hi Jason,


          We are experiencing something very similar.  On average every 24 hours the server fails to render the selected qlikview document, instead displaying a blank white page.


          The only way to fix the problem is to go and restart the QVS service or kill the QVS.EXE specifically.


          From my investigations it appears the bug is triggered by a user opening the document, as the web server log always shows someone trying to load up the document and then getting timeouts etc.


          In our case QVS.EXE is holding open a file lock on the qlikview document which is preventing any further access to the file from users or reloads.  By killing QVS.EXE it releases the lock and allows the system to get moving again.


          The other thing I noticed is QVS.EXE normally rounds around 1.2gb of RAM all day long, however anytime the freeze / filelock occurs I can see the memory has jumped anywhere from 2gb+ up to 5gb.


          Given the symptoms above I can only conclude some sort or memory leak or race condition is occuring in QVS.EXE.


          I am in the process of raising a support case with Qlikview now.


          Hope this helps.