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    Temp table in stored procedure causes crash


      I am trying to use a sql server stored procedure in qlikview 10.

      My procedure is something like this:

      create proc sp_test


      select a,b,c into #tmp from xxxx

      select x,y,z,b from table join #tmp on #tmp.a=table.y


      And I call stored procedure as

      SQL Exec sp_test;


      Every time trying to reload this script causes crash. There is no error, no message, just crash.


      If i remove the temp table part of stored procedure as this:

      create proc sp_test


      select x,y,z from table


      Then everything works fine.


      Is there limitation for qlikview that i cannot use temp tables in my procedures? I tried almost everything and i couldn't fine a solution except not using temp tables.


      Can you help me about this problem?


      Thank you...