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    Help!  First SharePoint deployment and I'm not sure what to do!



      I'm hoping someone out there can help me.  We are moving a client facing portal into SharePoint and one of the features of the portal is obviously a lovely QlikView document showing the client all their data (section access is used to limit them to just their data).


      We currently use a ticketing system to identify the client and check they have a valid CAL (we're using document CALs at the moment for simplicity) and are authorised to see the document and to limit the data to just what they should see through section access.


      As the document is quite involved, I don't want to re-create the whole thing object by object, so there must be a simple way of adding the whole document in one go.  I've done it before with a link to Access Point, but I'm less sure how to do this for an individual document, especially when it must be suitable for external clients.


      Oh yes ... and we've been properly landed in it and have to deliver this by Monday ... next week ... :-)


      Anyone got any helpful hints and tips or demos that might be useful?