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    Unable to open QVW because of large data - solution

    Neil Gulliver


      I came across this issue recently where I was unable to open my QlikView app as the data it contained was too large. I thought I would share the solution:


      Occurs particularly with Apps which accumulate data over time.

      Error Message

      You will get the message “The document C:\<foldername>\<file name>.qvw failed to load”.


      Two options:

      1)    1) If this file remains in the Recently Opened Documents view you can right click on the file and select the option Open '<filename>’ Without Data.


      2)   2) If the file is not on Recently Opened Documents you will have to go to the Start button and type on the command line C:\Program Files\QlikView\qv.exe /nodata C:\<foldername>\<filename>.qvw.

      This need to be typed all in one line so you might need to type it into notepad and copy/paste into command line.


      You can then reload a smaller subset of the data in Debug mode if you need charts/tables/variable etc populated for viewing. Ultimately, you will need an alternative long term solution to retain all the data.


      I cannot claim to have found the second solution myself. This was thanks to looking at http://www.qlikviewaddict.com which proved invaluable.