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    Automated Reload through QEMC

      Hi all,


      I am having trouble with reloading automatically through the Qlikview Management Console. When I manually reload, the script is executed successfully. However, when trying to reload automatically, the source document log file shows that the file path cannot be found (I use data files in a specific location and not a database). How is this possible? If the manual reload executes successfully, shouldn’t the automatic process also?


      Please advise.


      Kind regards,


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          Felim Shanaghy

          You may have access to the required folders, are you sure the server has permissions?  Is the path the server would follow the same as the path you would follow? i.e. the server won't be able to access your desktop or personal drives..

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            As per Felim's comment ...


            Are you loading info fro a database or from files?  This sounds like you've put in a hard coded file path like Q:\QVDfolders\QVDFiles\Loadthisfile.qvd when in fact you perhaps need to use a relative path.  Is it a very long script or can you paste it in here so we can have a peek?




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                Hi Emma,


                Thank you for your reply. As I've mentioned to Felim, all files and models are on the server. Please see below part of the script (This is the first segment of my script and also were the error occurs)




                //@1 as ORG,
                    @2 as ACCOUNT,
                @3 AS [STORE NR],
                @4 AS PLAN,
                @5 AS [TXN CODE],
                @6/100 AS AMOUNT,

                DATE(date#(@7,'YYYYMMDD')) AS [EFF DATE],
                DAY(DATE(date#(@7,'YYYYMMDD'))) AS [EFF DAY],

                if(@8=20120610,DATE(DATE#(20120609,'YYYYMMDD'),'YYYY/MM/DD'),DATE(DATE#(@8,'YYYYMMDD'))) AS [POSTING DATE],
                date(MonthStart(IF(Day(if(@8=20120610,DATE(DATE#(20120609,'YYYYMMDD'),'YYYY/MM/DD'),DATE(DATE#(@8,'YYYYMMDD'))))>=10,addmonths(if(@8=20120610,DATE(DATE#(20120609,'YYYYMMDD'),'YYYY/MM/DD'),DATE(DATE#(@8,'YYYYMMDD'))),1),if(@8=20120610,DATE(DATE#(20120609,'YYYYMMDD'),'YYYY/MM/DD'),DATE(DATE#(@8,'YYYYMMDD'))))),'MMM-YY') as [STATEMENT MONTH],

                DAY(DATE(date#(@8,'YYYYMMDD'))) AS [POSTING DAY],
                MONTH(DATE(date#(@8,'YYYYMMDD'))) AS [POSTING MONTH],
                YEAR(DATE(date#(@8,'YYYYMMDD'))) AS [POSTING YEAR],
                DATE(MonthStart(date#(@8,'YYYYMMDD')),'MMM-YY') AS [CALENDAR MONTH],

                @9 AS REFERENCE,
                @10 AS LOGO,
                @11 AS [STORE ORG],
                FILENAME() AS FILENAME,
                AS TXNCOUNT

                txt, codepage is 1252, no labels, delimiter is '|', msq, header is 1 lines)
                where left(@1,1)<>'T';


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                    My vote would be that the part of your script that''s causing problems is




                    If the .qvw file is in the Reports folder, try replacing it with this





                    If that doesn't work, redo the FROM part of the load statement using the table script wizard, but make sure you have the relative pathway option ticked.




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                        Dave Denscombe

                        Also ensure that the Windows user which is running the QlikView services has enough permissions to read all source folders.  If you are using Section Access ensure that the same user has full access to the entire data model.


                        I agree with Emma though; hard coded paths is generally a bad idea, use relative paths wherever possible.

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                    Thank you for all the replies. They were all correct and very helpful. The server has the necessary permissions, so it was definitely the hard coded paths creating my problem. Before we end the discussion, could you please explain why relative paths are preferred over hard coded paths? I would like to impart the knowledge to my fellow users.


                    Thanks again.


                    Kind regards,