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    Personal Edition File Recovery

      Hi All.


      I am unable to recover any files from my computer because the logon & domain has changed.

      In addition to that I have run out of documnet recoveries.

      Does this mean I cannot use QV at all now? Because when I create a new file from scratch in QV and save it, I cannot open it again after I have closed it.

      The file is created on the same machine and should not be asking for a recovery attempt.

      Error messages I am getting are:


      Your installation of Qlikview has exceeded the maximum number of document recoveries allowed for a Personal Edition license. To continue using Qlikview you will need to purchase a full Qlikview license....


      followed by a document failed to load message


      followed by a failed to open document message.


      Is QV on my PC dead now? I cant even create local files anymore.

      I am using QV version 11