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    Bubbels Google Map not working

    Jeroen Jordaan

      Hello QlikView friends,

      I have created multiple QlikView applications using google maps with Geocoding by Yahoo.
      The geocoding was loading while the dashboard was retrieving the from the QVD's.

      When creating a new dashboard for a customer I'm retrieving the GeoCode during the reload of the QVD Loader (QVD's are made from a Navision database) the geocoding is based on the combination of city and country code. The latitude and longitude are retrieved from Yahoo.

      I'm storing the latitude and longitude information in a separate QVD. This QVD is using a incremental reload when there is a new combination of City and Countrycode entered in Navision.

      In the dashboard I make combined key based on City-CountryCode from the table GeoCode to link with the Customer table City-CountryCode.

      What I do not manage is to get the bubbles in the right place in the Map.
      If I change the folder via a fast change to a straight table, I see that there is no longitude and latitude filled, while these data are present?

      Can someone help me with this issue?


      I have added a sample dashboard with 2 QVD files.


      Thank you