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    How to increase height of chart in web view as it shrinks from what it has in desktop view

      Hi All,


      I am developing an application compatible for both desktop view and AJAX view. I am facing a problem related to the chart height which shrinks in web view and leave space between the graph and the object just below the graph. I can not use macros to relocate the object below the graph because macros are not working in AJAX mode (I am not sure if there is any way to use macros in AJAX mode, if there is please let me know).


      Below is the snap of graph in desktop mode:



      Now have a look at the view in AJAX mode:


      In this web view image you can see the space shown in red rectangle. Here the chart got shrinked and created space between chart and the object which was just below the chart.


      I don't know how to overcome this problem. There are two possibilies, either increase the size of chart or reduce the y position of the object in blue. Please suggest how to resolve this issue so that it work fine in both desktop and web view.


      Thank you very much.


      -- Surya