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    Help with Pivot table

      In Pivot table if we have selected to show the partial sum then it automatically sum ups the group values, is there any way to skip this. I want to show the total but not the summation of group values, some other mathematical calculation result; is it possible.

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          Thomas Skariah

          Hi Ram,


          Can you forward a sample application.




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            Jonathan Dienst



            You can use Dimensionality() to identify the total rows and create an expression that use Dimensionality like this:


            If(Dimensionality() = 0, <total row expression here>, <detail row expression here>)


            If you have more than one dimension, then the value of Dimensionality will equal the number of dimensions for the detail rows. The partial sums will have Dimensionality values between one less than the number of dimensions to 0, according to the partial sum level. The total row, or partial total row expression will often be a Sum(Aggr()) type of expression.


            If you provide more information on your requirements, then we can help you with the expression.


            Hope that helps


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              Hi Ram,


              Please find the attached table and let me know if you require the result as follows.


              AfghanistanOlivier Simenon20072150 
              AlbaniaJohn Lemon20066000 
              ArmeniaMario Kaddafi20071850 
              AustraliaRolf Wesenlund20051030 
              Total 14830