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    Set analysis with if condition

      Hi All,


                  I have a below set expression this is Calculates variance of max edition - previous edtion for a  year


      $(vpreviousVariance)= pick(($(vSlider))/12,avg({<MaxEdition={1}>}$(v12m)) -

      avg({<PreviousEdition={1}>}$(v12m)),avg({<MaxEdition={1}>}$(v24m)) -

      avg({<PreviousEdition={1}>}$(v24m)),avg({<MaxEdition={1}>}$(v36m)) -

      avg({<PreviousEdition={1}>}$(v36m)),avg({<MaxEdition={1}>}$(v48m)) -

      avg({<PreviousEdition={1}>}$(v48m)),avg({<MaxEdition={1}>}$(v60m)) -



      I have different  groups(ABC,DEF,XYZ...etc) now i have to extract the variance for each groupfor this am trying to write the if condition for each group like $(vpreviousVariance)= pick(($(vSlider))/12,if(GROUP1='ABC', (avg({<MaxEdition={1}>}$(v12m)) -avg({<PreviousEdition={1}>}$(v12m))),.....rest of the expression.



      But its giving wrong result. So how can we combine if condition with set analysis here......