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    Pulling year and month from dates?

      Are there any functions in Qlikview that will allow me to select my data depending on the month and year that it's associated with? I have a few fields with dates but I don't know how it's possible to extract some of that information to create another field (i.e. have a field for months: Jan, Feb, mar and a field for year: 2005, 2006, 2007, etc)


      Thank you!

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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          Sure, there are quite a bunch! Take a look at the following sample code, based on the "DateField" field that stores values like "06/09/2012" in the form "DD/MM/YYYY":


          LOAD DateField AS CompleteDate,
               Month(DateField) AS MonthField,
               Year(DateField) AS YearField,
               Day(DateField) AS DayField
          FROM File.qvd (qvd);


          Hope that helps.



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              Hi Miguel,


              (Forgive me but I just started using Qlikview)


              So I pasted what you wrote into Edid Script and replaced DataField with the name of one of the date fields within a table I'm working on. So I get something that looks like this:



              LOAD PlacedDate AS CompleteDate,

                   Month(PlacedDate) AS MonthField,

                   Year(PlacedDate) AS YearField,

                   Day(PlacedDate) AS DayField

              FROM File.qvd (qvd);


              It fails when I hit Reload so I'm assuming that this script alone won't create the qvd file? If so, how would I create one?