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    Restricting dimensions in a table/chart objects

      Hi experts,


      I have a couple of  questions where I'm sure your inputs would matter a lot. This might be a little time consuming, my apologies for the same.


      1. How do I restrict dimensions in a table? Dimension Limits tab does not show when my chart type is set to Table.


      2. How do I restrict the Months (Text) dimension to top 5 based on rank/order and I don't have Month_ID(Numeric) in my dimensions?


      Example: Dimension has 'Month' (Apr, May Format). 'Cost' and 'volume' as my expressions. Now, I cannot sort and select top 5 months to be displayed in the chart. So I will have to use Month_ID (i.e. 4 for Apr, 5 for May) in the underlying data. But I cannot use it in the dimension or make it visible.


      2. How do I restrict the Month_ID(Numberic) to top 5 based Sales Volume (Expression)?


      Example: Dimension has 'Month_ID' (4 for Apr Format). 'Cost' and 'volume' as my expressions. Now, I need to sort and top 5 Month_IDs based on Sales Volume of each month.


      I have tried using the RANK function as advised by earlier but I'm unable to get the desired results. I might be doing it wrong.


      Any help would be great. Thanks again for your help in advance.


      ~~ Kiran