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    Problem with Button Select In Field when data is null

      I've set up a button with a series of Select In Fields to look at all the different date fields in my data model.


      I'm having the following problem. The first set of field that the button selects from are the day, month and year in the project management system that we use. If I select 5th September then the data comes back OK because I have an entry in there for that day. But if I select 6th September (I haven't made an entry for yesterday yet) then the day value comes back NULL (or '-', I know this because I've created a text object to display the value).


      What this seems to mean is that when I get a NULL value QlikView just aggregates all the project management data so instead of seeing 0h 0m in the box I have set up I get 121h 48m which is everyone's total.


      Can anyone explain how I can get QlikView to return 0 instead of NULL if a field has no data for a selected person?