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    Command line /l works but not /r

      Most of my issue is explained in the subject line - for whatever reason when I execute the command line:


      "C:\Program Files\QlikView\qv.exe" /l "D:\Clients\Tory\Emails\Copy of QV_Saks_ShoesSwim.qvw"


      The command executes and reloads the script. However when I execute the line:


      "C:\Program Files\QlikView\qv.exe" /r D:\Clients\Tory\Emails\Copy of QV_Saks_ShoesSwim.qvw


      Nothing happens (not CPU is used). I have experimented with document properties as well as document settings in the QlikView application, however nothing seems to work. The strangest part about the issue is that another developer on my team is able to execute the script with no problem (though she has equal or less security clearance than I do). I unfortunately cannot upload the file to this post due to the sensitivity of the information, but any help would be very appreciated! I am currently running QlikView 10 (and am currently installing Qlikview 11 to see if that resolves the problem).