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    QV 11 Clustering - same network sub-net/segment?

    Trevor Roth

      In the QV 11 Server Reference manual it states in section 15.6 that 'CALs require the QlikView Servers within a cluster to be within the same network sub-net/segment'. Can someone clarify for the if this requirement pertains to only those servers in your environment that are clustered or all servers in your environment. That is if you have 3 servers and only two are clustered, can the third server reside on a different sub-net?


      Target Architecture-QVS Cluster.png


      In the above diagram can the QVP server and NAS Storage reside on a different network sub-net from the clusterd QVS servers (assuming the the correct firewall rules are in place)? The reason would be the QVS cluster would be in a less secure location on the network while the rest of the environment would be in a more secure location.


      Thanks in advance for your input!