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    Is QV desktop chart line mouseover bold highlighting available from web/Ajax client?

    M Paeper

      Not sure whether this post belongs under desktop or deployment. Anyway, the following functionality is available to users from the QV11SR1 desktop client, i.e. when "mousing over" a particular line on a chart it becomes "bolder" and is highlighted with a bullet in the key.


      Is this "bolding" of the line achievable in any of the web clients - esp. the Ajax browser one which our Linux desktop users use to access QV models?


      I have looked and it appears not. Is there a way of doing this in QV for web browser client access? Its becoming a popular request to me and is apparently useful when discussing a chart aspect in live meetings with projected QV charts.


      If its not available within the client is there a way of doing it in the script/expression code or as a macro?