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    Openning open app from another on server via client

      There are 2 applications working in server:

      first app- Sales

      second- Stock


      Users have document CALs for each applications.


      In each application there is a tab call "Sales" or "Stock".

      The idea is that when user work in application "Sales" and click on TAB  "Stock" - he should be transfered to application "Stock" via client and "open in server".

      I managed to do this only for local files, just "open", not "open on server"

      I tried this way: Sheet proportis-> Triggers-> add action-> open QlikView document - but something is wrong.


      I konw the way to do it in browser- posting the link to another app in truggers.

      The question is : "How to open allpication "Stock" from application "Sales" "via open in server"?