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    Aggregating data for a chart - newbie is stuck


      I'm in a bind and need a little assistance.

      It's been a coupl eof years since I used Qlikview and I've just found out how VERY rusty I am (so I'm considering my self a beginner now)


      I have a xls with the following fields

      sample data.


      Client NameUser NameProject NameTask NameTime Spent


      What I want to do is create a bar chart that will tell me the total time for each client name.

      I /thought/ I could set it up with a dimension of Client Name, and set the expression as sum(aggr(sum( [Time Spent]), [User Name]))


      However that's giving me wild results that don't tally up with the original spreadsheet either for individual clients or for the total.

      eg the bar chart would show 600 for client ZYX, yet when I select just ZYX it correctly shows 3.5


      All helpgratefully received.

      (In the mean time I'll be in the corner with my Dunce cap on)