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    Scrip to display specific categories

      Hi I am new to QV and i would like to write a query that will only bring in values that  do not equal to 'Closed' or "Deployed" or "Cancelled" status. Below is a script that i am using today:



      load distinct status as unresolved_status,


      resident sample_table

      where status = 'New'

          or status = 'Accepted'

          or status = 'Awaiting Finance'

          or status = 'Awaiting Initial Approval'

          or status = 'Awaiting Requirements'

          or status = 'Awaiting Review'

          or status = 'Awaiting Test'

          or status = 'Detail Needed'

          or status = 'InProgress'

          or status = 'In Tax Review'

          or status = 'Verification'

          And status <> Null ();


      Thank you for your help