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    QlikView Publisher User Accounts Issue

      Dear  All,

          The project now I engaged in is involved in a gordian knot.

          We have got the QlikView Services license, and 20 user accounts included.

          And now, we need to insert the Access Point into our local system, so we are told that if we want to do this operation, we need to buy the QlikView Publish license.

          Some problems may puzzled me.

          Through SSO we may login the server and choose to login the QlikView Access Point ,and we don't need to enter the account or password again. We make the local system accounts and passwords equal to the Access Point accounts and passwords, then when we login the local system, we also login the Access Point which inserted in the local system. But we only have 20 accounts, but the users may beyound 400 peoples. If we buy the Publisher, the local accounts can be linked to