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    QlikView 11 - Upgrade : Feature documentation

      Hello fellow QlikViewers


      We are about to upgrade from QV10-SR3 to QV11-SR1. 


      The enhanced features such as alternate state analysis is of particular interest and something I wish to totally understand.  I have attended the following courses: Designer I, II,  Developer I, II, III and Advanced Set Analysis.  The documentation associated with them is invaluable when building complex applications where they serve as a great source of reference.


      Given the new features of QV11, I feel that my existing documentation is now out of date and requires additional material.


      Assuming the respective courses have been updated to cover QV11 and the latest features, where can I source the additional material without trawling through hundreds of threads within the community that may or may not provide what I am looking for?  I have so far searched the internet and found very little.


      Many thanks for any assistance you can offer.


      Kind regards