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    Named CALs: identification via username + working on various machines

      Hi there,


      we recently updated our QV Server and Client software to ver.11 and purchased new Named CALs.

      As I am new to all those administrative stuff I have some general questions.


      When I lease a licence by logging on to the Server via the client from my own computer it says "You are working with a licence from ...". But what if I log on from a different computer? Do I still have the same licence or do I have to lease another one? Our licences are assigned to a user and not to the users machine but this does not mean that I can log on from some computer with a client installed by using the initially assigned licence?


      Say we have 20 licences (Named CALs) and they are assigned to 20 users. When I change my computer e.g. when I attend a meeting or so can I log on with my initial licence or would I need the 21st licence to log on?



      Thanks for your input

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          Daniel Rozental

          Max, if you're just logging to the server to look at an application being hosted there you can login from as many locations as you want, if you're login in with the same user it will use the same CAL.


          If you're looking to lease a license in order to be able to do local offline development. You can lease the license from 2 different locations. The 3rd time you try to lease that license you will still be in personal edition mode.


          You can then try removing that license, waiting for the quarantine period to end and then assign it again to be able to lease it from a 3rd location.

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              Daniel, thanks for your help. Usually our users will only use their own device to log on. If they are connected from another computer they will probably use the browser (as we do not have a client installed on every computer). In some case we have meeting rooms with a computer linked to the beamer. The participants of the meeting would not use their own laptop/notebook/PC but the computer installed. On that computer we have a QV-client installed. say the user has logged on to the client on his computer, then to the client in "Meeting Room 1" and logs on to the client on the computer in "Meeting Room 2" the user won't be able to work. To be on the safe side I think users should access dashboards via Browser. That would be slower but it should work. BR, Max