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    Comparing filelist to table on load



      I am (incrementally) loading data from CSV-files, located in different folders.


      Each day, more (hundreds of) csv-files will be added to these folders, and they will not (cannot) be (re)moved after load.



      To loop through the folders I am using the "Sub DoDir(Root)" from the user's guide


      And the using:


      // CODE


      For Each File In FileList  ('$(FileRoot)')







                Form [$(File)](txt)


           <lots of code and reloads follows>


      Next File


      // CODE END


      to load data from the csv-files therein.


      NOW - I also have a qvd-file with a table with the names of the files previously processed.


      Fileldname is Previous_filenames


      What I need to do is to compare the filename of each csv-file to the list of previously loaded files, and only load the ones not previously loaded.


      Something like:

      If not exists(Previous_filenames, Filename('$(File)') Then...



      Any ideas?