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    Expression field as filter

      Hallo my friends,

      im QV beginner and i need your good advice:

      My example:

      In datasheet i have these columns (department,sure name...text,target and reality...numeric value)

      Then there´s built a classic table in QV with all named fields. Now i want to create a filter condition above this table - i create a new listbox - a new displayed field by expression = If ([target]>[reality],'NO','YES') ....then i expected,that when i select for example YES,a table shows me all rows,where´s condition satisfied.

      But it doesn´t work,because a table shows me only the first row with name in sequence and as i wrote,i need to see all rows by the chosen condition

      There must be something wrong in my expression;-)


      Thanks a lot for your help





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          Vinay Bangari

          just create the same logic in the script instead of doing it in the list box hope that solves your problem. for example if (Target>[Reality] , 'NO', 'YES') as DISP_FLAG.

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            Jonathan Dienst



            I suggest that you add a status value to your model to indicate your condition.

            In the script, in the LOAD statement for the table, add the line:


                 If(target > reality, 'No', 'Yes') As MetTarget,


            After reloading the table, you can add a list box for MetTarget that will contain Yes and No values, and it should also select the rows accordingly.




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              Thanks guys,

              according to your advices it´s better,a table shows me all rows. But now i tried it use practicly and when i write this function the table loads me incorrect rows. It´´s simply formula to compare two sums parameters and then follows conrete action. I don´t know why it doesn´t work,there must be a mistake in spots,because when i reduce formula to one parameter vs. second parameter = it works correctly


              Thanks a lot guys:-)



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