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    Create dynamic date look up based on todays date

      HI I am failry new to QlikView.


      I am trying to create a dynamic look up that will display information based on today's date. 


      I would like to apply the following criterias:


      1. Go back one release cycle based on today's date

      2. Display all future releases


      Here is what i am working with today.



      SQL SELECT "release_calendar_id",



      FROM test.dbo."rm_release_calendar";



      load Distinct release as release_name,


      Resident Release_Schedule_table

      where release >= release_name -.1???????


      I also need to link release_cycle with the following table



      load distinct status as unresolved_status,


      resident _table

      where match(status,'Closed', 'Deployed', 'Close Requested', 'Completed')=0 and not isnull(status);