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    Set analysis - bar chart of difference between mont stock


      I have table which has stock values per month and I want to get bar chart which displays difference in stock value versus last month (as shown below)




      Month          StockValue

      201205          100

      201206          120

      201207          80

      201208          90


      I want display if for example months 201205-201207 are selected



      0                    +20                    -40

      201205          201206               201207


      How can I get this done? I can't get it to calculate the expression correctly.


      For example if I try:

      sum({$}StoValue)- Sum({$<Month = {201207}>} StoValue)


      and month 201208 is selected it will give me two bars:

      the first for 201207 and it is exactly the same as in 201207 but negative

      the second bar is just exactly the same as in 201208



      It can be also that it shows only last 3 month's differences and not depending on the current month selection.