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    Can't open app/strange server object

    Kjetil Kleppe

      We have a problem with one of our apps, it sometimes won't open. When this happens it applies to all users. The client (fullversion and web) does not respond and must be terminated manually.
      When this happens and if you try to open it again and again the number of sessions increases by one each time (showing in the Management Console). The app then only opens if I open it in design mode on server, or copy it from server to local machine.


      When using the QlikView Mangement Console, chosing this Document/app and Server Objects, one of the Server Objects is strange. The Id is "Server\", the Type displays "Invalid: Meta Content" and the Sub Type displays "Unknown". The "Owner" field is empty (watch picture). I am able to delete this object, but the object returns immediately. Have tried to move/delete the .shared file (can't do that when the problem occurs) but if I move it, the Server Objects for all users will disappear.


      I do not know if there is a direct connection between this, but it is natural to assume that.


      Anyone know what to do?


      We run QV11 Small Business Edition