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    QlikView  Log setting



      I am using Qlikview 11. I would like to enable detail logging. Where can I set this option.


      I would like to see the log for Document Reload on QlikView Server. Is there any option in Qlikview 11 or below setting was for Qliview 10


      QlikView->Settings->Document Peferences->Generate Logfile





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          Henric Cronström

          Use the Trace statement in the script. With it, you can add anything you want to the log file.




          Let vMyMessage = NoOfRecords(‘<TableName>’) & ‘ records in table <TableName>’ ;

          Trace $(vMyMessage);


          Let vMyMessage = ‘Last value loaded is ‘ & peek(‘<FieldName>’,-1,‘<TableName>’)  ;

          Trace $(vMyMessage);


          Trace $(ScriptError) ;