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    Hierarchy association problem

    Simon Goodman

      I have created a QV test document using excel spreadsheets, one for Data, Target, Calendar and Client Hierarchy. The Client Hierarchy headers are; Client Name, New Client Name, Hierarchy Client, Sector, Reporting Sector and Account Manager.


      The particular problem relates where there are multiple companies part of one parent company but where each firm has a different sector type.


      Client Name   New Client Name   Hierarchy Name    Sector    Reporting Sector    Account Manager

      Client1a!        Client1a                 Client1All              IT          Prof Services          AAA

      Client1b~       Client1b                 Client1All              Oil        Prof Services          AAA


      QV uses Hierachy Name as the master field. So in the Sector table the individual Client1a amount appears in both IT and Oil. This means the sum total is correct but if you add the individual sector types there sum is greater. Therefore if Client1All is selected from the Hierarchy Client table then in the Sector table the same amount appears in IT and Oil.


      Can anyone help me and provide a solution? The script is attached.