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    Urgent Help Needed. Linking each cell to seperate Text Object

      Dear Respected Members,


      I have a table which has 5 coulmns. I added a new column by adding one more dummy dimension "Clike here", so now i have 6 columns. Table has 5 rows. I have 5 seperate text objects.



      what i wnt is that whenever i click on "click here" from any row , its relevant Text Object should be shown.



      I am successfully doing it with 5 seperate  buttons but when i see it on Internet explore the buttons loose their positions. so i want to acheive this target by Table column. so i want to link the column cells to text objects



      Please guide me


      Please see the attached table




      so  in Net i want this click here to a seperate text object. Click here of  Orders will open a text object for Orders and click here of first orders will open text object of first orders


      I tried to use Triggers where i SET VARIABLE  "v_info_on" = 1  and in TEXT OBJECT i have put condition in layout v_info_on=1 . but it does not work.