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    Can a 32 bit Plugin open/read a 64 bit document?

      I put in a request to our IT department to upgrade my computer to a 64 bit operating system because I work with large files and I often have memory issues that cause my QV10 SR5 to crash or more commonly give me an Internal Inconsitency Type D error, which prevents me from saving the document I was working on and I have to ditch an hour's worth of work and start over.  I know save often is a bit of a cure for that problem, but I think it would be much more efficient to have more memory (I'm maxxed out at 4gb for my 32 bit windows 7 OS).


      My IT department responded that they couldn't update me because they would have to upgrade all my user's plugins to 64 bit versions if they changed my QV to a 64 bit version.  That doesn't sound right to me.  Why would the plugins be required to be 64 bit to open a document saved by a 64 bit machine?  If I buy a 64 bit version of MS Excel, I can send anyone a file that was created using that software and it will have no problem functioning on a 32 bit machine unless it was just too big for the 32 bit machine to handle it.  Our server is 64 bit and it has a pretty decent amount of memory (at least 16gb), so I think the 32 bit plugins should be able to run the documents just fine because they don't store the documents in their memory.


      Am I wrong about this?






      PS - I've searched for common causes of the internal inconsistency type D error and found most to point to bad scripting or not enough memory.  If using loops in scripts to load multiple excel spreadsheets causes the problem, I would appreciate a heads up on that as well.  My IT person says that this would cause the problems I'm having, but I don't agree with that either.  The poor woman is at her wits end with me and has told me to seek help elsewhere.  I don't get the error when I am reloading.  I get the error when I alter or create a pivot table that becomes overly large due to a lack of selections to narrow the scope of the report.  Unfortunately, my users tend to use QV as a data warehouse and they tend to want extremely large chunks of output, so I can't really limit these pivot tables to a given number of items etcetera.

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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          You are right. It does not make sense from the QlikView point of view. To be precise, the Plugin, like the Desktop is the client software that the users have to view and interact with a QlikView document.


          But that does not mean that, if you are running a 64 bit Server and a 32 bit laptop you are unable to open the documents. However, it's true as well that you need to have the same version and release (for example, version 11 SR1 release 11282) of Plugin, Desktop and Server.


          Furthermore and for what it's worth, and this might have lead to confussion, pasted from the Release Notes:


          QlikView 11 is the last release of QlikView Server and QlikView Publisher that will support 32-bit operating systems.


          In regards to the Internal Inconsistency Error Type A-D they are very generic error messages that unfortunately cannot be addressed without knowing a lot about the environment where QlikView software is running but yes, it may happen because lack of memory because of the size of the file, among some other reasons.


          Hope that helps.



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            Dave Denscombe

            Just to add to Miguel's response, you can quite happily mix 32bit and 64bit in the same environment.  Lots of customers do it.  QVWs don't really care which platform they run on.


            There is one complication I have come across, and that comes from the "CONNECT" statements within QlikView scripts.  The default, just plain "CONNECT" will use the OLE or ODBC datasource as the same number of bits as the host operating system, so for example on a 32bit system it will use a 32bit driver.  The complication is when a 32bit developer uploads a document to a 64bit server and you only have a 32bit driver.  It will fail.  The answer in that scenario is to use "CONNECT32" instead which will force it to use a 32bit driver.


            Aside from this one issue mixing it should be fine.

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              I have installed 64bit QV Personal Ed, 64bit Windows 7 and 32bit Ms Office. When I open  Script Editor and loads Ms Access file thru ODBC Connect and select MS Access Database it gives an error


              "Error: SQL##f - SqlState: IM014, ErrorCode: 0, ErrorMsg: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application"



              Is there any solution without cahnging Ms office to 64bit version? Becase I have an excel add-in that works only on 32-bit version. So I dont want to lose that add-in also.


              Also I have designed a QV app on 64bit QV version, if I moved to 32bit QV, would it work on it?


              Please advise.


              Thanks and regards

              Shoaib Ahmed