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    Filtering down into a list criteria



      I have a list box which shows on Qlikview as SOFTWARE.  I calculate what my software is by finding the code on the database and assigning it to that peice of software eg:  FLT0-CRPR-ORAC-IPRC.  The code shows the following FLT0 = Fault,  CRPR = Corporate Software, ORAC = Oracle and IPRC = I-Procurement. 

      I have set my load script up so it does to the 11th Character and then take the next 4 characters, therefore it would pick up ORAC.  I then say that if it equals ORAC call it Oracle. 

      However as you have noticed, what we dont currently report on at the moment is the 16th Character and taking the next 4 characters which would be IPRC, which we will call SUBSOFTWARE.

      What I want to do is, when we click on Oracle, I want to be able to drill down into the SUBSOFTWARE to be able to find what I want. 

      Therefore if I click Oracle, then in another box it will show: I-Procurement, Password reset etc.


      I have charts aswell, so when I click the Oracle chart, it pulls up all the Oracle Subsoftware groups.


      Can this be achieved.




      Jon Ditchfiel;d