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    age wise sum

      i need to get the sum value of the stock so i need to create salb "90-120" "120-180"


      Ihave two diffrent date range one is stock date other one is selected days.how to get the day wise summery

      please give me the answer

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          Jason Michaelides

          Please provide examples of the data and the output you require.

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              What i need is i need to create age analasys report for stock item wise and location wise

              my problem is i can't create logic i already crete logic using excel but qlikview still am finding

              i will attache you to excel file


              think my date 2012/08/25 -480    i need find my stock location table how it define


              ex -Age=0to90 /90-120 like wise

              plase help on the i ll attache my file to you





              this exsampale


              selected Date(Mainstock Date)   /     Stock Qty

              2012-08-25                                         56




              location date                    Stock qty









              I need to create this report



              Bold color items are Data please give me the help