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    Know debt situacion along the time: simulation. I need Help

      Hi, my name is Julio. Mi problem is next:


      i've this table


      InvoicePaid DateAmount
      INV-5NOT PAID YET$3000


      All the invoices was made at 01/08/2012. I've other table, with a master calendar.


      I want design a graphic that It show, for each day in Agoust, hoy much it was the debt, like this:


      22/08/2012$8000All Invoices are not paid
      23/08/2012$7000INV-1 is paid
      25/08/2012$3500INV-1,INV-2,INV-3 are paid
      01/09/2012$3000Only the INV-5 is unpaid


      I need, in a graphic or in script, a table that, for each day in my calendar, have the sum of all invoices that aren't paid

      Thank you very much