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    Row wise Calculation

      I have two Tables Call

      • Stock table (Partno,Contract,Dateapplied,Qty)
      • Showroom stock Table (Partno,Contract,Historydate,INQty)

      Stock Table Shows the summery of the show room Stock Table linkby Partno and Contract.I want to break down the Show room Stock Table to Time Periods(0-90/90-120/120-180/180-360/36). Also we want to build a set of records that shows the stock changes according to the time periods. For example


      Total Stock - 52

           0-90 Time period

                Showroom stock table record

           90-120 Time period

                Showroom stock table record


      I did this algorithm in Excel and the formula is- 'IF(C1>C3,C1-C3,C1)'. How can I break records as above in Qlickview?