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    Expand Button (+)

      Good day QlikViewians,


      Expanding a pivot has become a problem when using the iPad.


      1.) Is there a way to increase the size of the Expand Button(+)


      2.) Is there an alternative way of accessing the functionality for expanding a dimension in a pivot


      Many Thanks,



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          Vinay Bangari

          In Pivot table in the presentation tab. there will be a option called always expanded if you check that option then your dimension will be available always expanded. not sure if that satisfies your requirement.

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              Thanks vinay_bangari, i am aware of "always expanded" option, but unfortunately i require a way to expand a pivot based on a user's selection.


              This would only be necessary in a case where the pivot is used to display summarized totals for a dimension and used to drill-down further into the lower level values of a 2nd dimension; this would only be a issue for higher management using iPads


              e.g. using an external button, to set the pivots dimension from 1 to 2.