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    SAP Connector - BW tables

    Daniel Baksa

      I'm currrently trying to use the SAP OLAP Connector and I find it to be extremely slow and it will not support our needs for performance. As a workaround we have decided to use the DSO connector for or fact data extract and the SAPConnector to hit the BW tables for additional data needs. The DSO Connector is working fine but the SAPConnector is givig us problems.


      I'm able to build the connection string and connect to the BW but the reload fails when executed. I have full access to the BW so I'm not sure if we missed something in the setup of my SAP profile. We tested a different user with the same profile attached to the ID and it appears to work so I'm a bit confused at this point. Is it possible my ID has been corrupted during transports between environments?


      Thanks in Advance for your assistance.