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    Date format Of Chart getting screwed while sending to excel

    ekta rathi

      Hi All,


      I have a Bar Chart in which Dimension is a "Date".The dimension axis shows the correct value in the graph.

      But when I export the Graph to excel, the date gets converted to a number.To see the correct date then, I have to format the cells of excel

      to "date".Can I somehow fix this in Qlikview.

      The expression that I am using in Dimension is :


      =If([As of Date]=AsOfDateVar or [As of Date]=YearVar1 or [As of Date]=YearVar2 or

      [As of Date]=YearVar3,

      If((([TrendTypeVar]='Total' and [EEOHIST_MMM_EEOX_YR_RECD]='SY') OR

      ([TrendTypeVar]='Demotion' and ([EEOHIST_MMM_EEOX_YR_RECD]='DN'OR [EEOHIST_MMM_EEOX_YR_RECD]='DY')) OR

      ([TrendTypeVar]='Hire-Rehire' and ([EEOHIST_MMM_EEOX_YR_RECD]='H'OR [EEOHIST_MMM_EEOX_YR_RECD]='R')) OR

      ([TrendTypeVar]='Lateral' and [EEOHIST_MMM_EEOX_YR_RECD]='E') OR

      ([TrendTypeVar]='Layoff' and [EEOHIST_MMM_EEOX_YR_RECD]='L') OR

      ([TrendTypeVar]='Promotion' and ([EEOHIST_MMM_EEOX_YR_RECD]='PN'OR [EEOHIST_MMM_EEOX_YR_RECD]='PY')) OR

      ([TrendTypeVar]='Recall' and [EEOHIST_MMM_EEOX_YR_RECD]='C') OR

      ([TrendTypeVar]='Termination' and [EEOHIST_MMM_EEOX_YR_RECD]='T') OR

      ([TrendTypeVar]='Transfer In' and [EEOHIST_MMM_EEOX_YR_RECD]='I') OR

      ([TrendTypeVar]='Transfer Out' and [EEOHIST_MMM_EEOX_YR_RECD]='O'))

      ,date([As of Date],'MMM yyyy')))


      [As of Date] field is coming from database and is in date format there.


      Any suggestions??