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    Multibox display

      Suppose I have a multibox with 2 fields for selection:  Field1 and Field2.  If I make a selection in Field1, all associated values in Field2 will be displayed in white in Field2 dropdown and the non associated values will be grey.  Now suppose that based on my selection in Field1, there exists only a single associated (white) value in field2. Currently, the multibox will display the single associated value in Field2.  


      Is there any way to not show this value in the multibox even though there is only a single associated value? 


      Example attached.

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          Jason Michaelides

          I'm not sure you have that level of control in a multi-box.  See attached for a cheat though!  I took an image of the closed multibox and but it as the background of a textbox.  The show condition of the textbox is


          GetPossibleCount(Field2)=1 AND GetSelectedCount(Field2)=0


          So it will only show and cover up the value "A" when there is only a single possible value and also when you haven't actually selected it.


          Hope this helps,