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    Force Set Analysis disregarding selection

      Hello, I'm having trouble using set analysis disregarding the selection the user makes.

      On a clear state my table shows like this:


      GROUP1ITEM 1324
      GROUP2ITEM 1347
      GROUP3ITEM 1100
      GROUP4ITEM 132
      GROUP 5ITEM 1250


      But when the user selects one of the groups, my table shows like this:

      GROUP1ITEM 1-
      GROUP2ITEM 1347
      GROUP3ITEM 1-
      GROUP4ITEM 1-
      GROUP 5ITEM 1-


      I want the chart to keep the values as the selection should only affect other charts, not this one.

      I'm using the next expression on my chart:

      (sum({1<Date={$(vPeriod)},Flag_BAE={1}>}Weight* Flag_YearToDate)/Value)


      I've tried other variations:

      (sum({1<Date={$(vPeriod)},Flag_BAE={1},ID_Group=,Group=>}Weight* Flag_YearToDate)/Value)

      (sum({$<Date={$(vPeriod)},Flag_BAE={1},ID_Group=,Group=>}Weight* Flag_YearToDate)/Value)


      but i can't make it work, any ideas?