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    Wildcard in Table Name


      I have had a look around and couldnt find any answers to this question (and I have never used QV to pull from databases before) so sorry if this is already covered somewhere. 


      I am trying to pull call history data out of a contact centre dialling program.  It saves the call history in a table for each day, so to look at a lot of history I need to upload many tables. 

      eg.  table names are call_history010512 and call_history010612 etc.  I have over a year of data, so I dont really want to go through and select them individually if I can avoid it. 


      is it possible to use a wildcard in a table name in order to upload the same fields from all tables? 

      eg.  If I try "call_history*"  it comes back saying that the specified table (call_history) is not in the database. 


      Thanks for any advice you can give me.