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    Need help developing a QlikView connector based on the SDK

      At this moment I must create a connector that enables our qlikview users to extract data from an application server. As a first step I created a connector based on the documentation (http://community.qlik.com/servlet/JiveServlet/downloadBody/2688-102-8-3281/QVX%20SDK%20Instructions.pdf) that reads an xml file with an embedded schema, publishes the schema as tables and fields and lets Qlikview load the data.


      Our application server will deliver datasets so if this first step works I will be well on my way.


      Unfortunately, it doesn’t. I get all kinds of errors when trying to select tables and fields. When I hand write the import script it is possible to import the content of the dataset. In this case the connector works fine 24 out of 25 cases. The 25th (or so) time it crashes...


      This is our first attemt and I woul really appriciate if someone could have a look at our sample application and point out what (beginners?)
      errors we have made or at least give some general pointers as to what should be added/improved to get it to work.


      I have included my Visual Studio 2010 solution, including a small unit-test project.


      Kind regards,

      Rob de Bruin.

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          Solved it myself. Unfortunately it still fails in about 5% of the times. Since we could not get any help we will abandon our efforts to use the SDK. Fortunatly we have found another route: internet documents.

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              Since I was not able to get adequate help on this subject and 5% failure was considert to much by my users I have taken another approach. Somebody at clickview (sorry forgot your name...) told me they were using xml documents and this is wat we are doing now as well. I have created a webservice with an endpoint for each table of data that must be imported bij qlikview and I return an xml document from each endpoint. QlikView is able to import xml documents form a url and this works fine.

              On hindside I think this solution is simpler as well.


              I only have one problem left: I keep getting e-mails from this discussion and I can't find how to turn this off... Thats why I will mark this as the correct answer (which is not fully accurate, but at least my problem is solved) hoping those e-mails will go away.