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    SetAnalysis with P statement

      Hi guys,

      I need you help in problem related with Set Analysis. For expression 'Capital' I would like calculate sum of Values in this column where FlagF=FlagC. When I choose selection Payment_Outlay_Period it works correctly, but when deselect it, then it shows incorrect value (for 2012.01 capital must be 3000 insted of 26570). Who can help me and describe this problem?

      I guess it is related with o in   %CaseIDKey = p({$<FlagC={1}>} may be it returns %CaseIDKey values from all data set despite on concrete Payment_Outlay_Period. If yes, what I should add in this P statement. Thanks for any help.

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          Felim Shanaghy

          Why not aggregate your source data it would make this much easier to handle?

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            Jose Tos

            In your data FlagC and FlagF are not equals in all the rows, the sum must be 0


            Look if you use this the result is 0 because I`ve said above:


            sum({<FlagF = {"=FlagC"}>} Collections_Fees_LC)


            If you use this to sum the distincts:


            sum({<FlagF -= {"=FlagC"}>} Collections_Fees_LC)


            the result is 179043


            I don´t know what's the meaning of that 3000 with that filters....


            May be there is something missing

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                Collections_Fees_LC column contains two type of records 1. Colletions with FlagC=1 and 2. Fees with FlagF=1.

                Expression [Nr of payers] contains count of collections by each period, expression [Payments] contains sum of payments for these payers(%CaseIDKey) by each period, and the purpose is to get the sum of Fees for these payers by each period.



                The problem is in P statement  %CaseIDKey = p({$<FlagC={1}>}  because it takes all %CaseIDKey ignoring periods, but I need only from each period. Who knows what and how I should add some additional condition?